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About me

Close up of Giuliano Pilati, professional arranger and composer

Name and surname

Giuliano Pilati

Year of birth


Permanent address and work area

Rome and surroundings

How I learnt

Totally self-taught since I was twelve , thanks to a remarkable music ear, that I kept on constantly and further training with daily practice and working experiences. But above all I must thank the huge pleasure and satisfaction that I feel when I compose and play better than I used to.

Who I have worked with

Wess H. Johnson recording technician, sound assistant, composer and arranger; made two cds for DV More Records; two live concerts); Sergio Endrigo (made a cd for DV More Records), Maurizio Nazzaro e Veruska (one arrangement); Alvaro Vitali (five arrangements); Salvatore Adamo (one arrangement); Gianfranco Zanzarri (10 arrangements); Sergio Grammatico (25 arrangements); Eleonora Giudizi (one arrangement); Sandra Negro (one arrangement); Lorenzo Faccenda (one arrangement); Massimo Quattrini (8 arrangements); Carlo Mezzano (2 CD for Capoverso Edizioni). Actually I am just working on theme Cds.

Technical/musical abilities and experties

Technical knowledge

Musical abilities

Remarkable musical ear (I need just little listening of a theme and I can riproduce it also with different tones). Ability to transfer in music state of minds and sensations.

Working method

The come out of a product that be, at the same time, excellent quality and “hearable” is made according to a working method that consists of several phases. The first one is the drafting of a main theme and an harmonic base line; then arrangement is settled. It can influence drafting, harmonic progression and melody according to the style. Each instrument, electric guitars, complex cord instruments etc, is played by the keyboard, trying to totally reproduce the original style, with a strong preference for acoustic sounds rather than synthetical ones. Last phase is fully dedicated to mix the completed product (fading equalization and effetts), this phase requires extreme accuracy.

Musical preferences

In order of importance: Soft Jazz, Funk, Dance ’70-’80, New Age, Orchestrale, Pop, House, Rock and Hip Hop. by Giuliano Pilati • Mobile: 0039